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The benchmark in custom gear cutting since 2000!

As your business partner, we offer complete solutions for machining, industrial mechanics and gear manufacturing allowing you to rely on a flexible and efficient supplier, while minimizing external operations. Entirely dedicated to your success, we offer you the benefit of our years of experience so that your company can perform at its best.

Custom gear manufacturing

Custom gear cutting is our passion and our specialty. For several years we have been able to manufacture complex and varied gears for many different companies in the field of mining, naval, printing, pulp and paper, copper processing, construction, agriculture, motorsports and more.


Our fully-equipped machine shop allows us to offer prototyping, milling, slotting (keyway cutting), cylindrical and surface grinding services. Our capabilities allow us to machine parts up to a diameter of 112 centimeters (44 inches) and a length of 5 meters (196 inches).


Industrial mechanics

We are specialized in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of industrial gearboxes and related equipment of all makes and models. Our qualified technicians can upgrade gearboxes that are obsolete or at the end of their service life.


Grinding is a machining process that aims to improve the surface quality of a mechanical part. There are two main techniques: flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding.

Why Braidwood Gear?

Our comprehensive and responsive solution will save you money on your industrial machining costs and machining needs.

External spur gear
Internal spur gear
Helical gear
Worm gear
Straight bevel gear
Spiral bevel gear
Planetary gears
Timing pulleys and other pulleys
Internal spline shafts
External spline shafts
All sorts of sprockets

Braidwood Gear : Flexible and efficient custom gear manufacturer

Expertise in all industrial fields

For more than 25 years, our team of skilled technicians has carried out installation and assembly of industrial gearboxes, gear cutting and manufacturing of all kinds. Despite many challenges, our company has solved every problem that we encountered.


If you are looking for a flexible and efficient gear manufacturing that meets your deadlines at a competitive price, contact Braidwood Gear to request a quote.

Our reliability is surpassed only by our competitiveness in providing our customers with the highest quality products.