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What are the main types of mechanical power transmission systems?

Mechanical power transmission involves using different types of systems to transfer energy from one component to another without changing its nature.
Find out about the main types of mechanical power transmission systems in this article.


What is machine turning?

Manufacturing companies use dozens of machining processes to create products from raw and semi-finished materials. One of the most common processes is machine turning.
In this article, our precision machining specialists will provide a wealth of information about this machining technique.


What are the main steps in the machining process?

In a machine shop, working in a methodical and organized manner is crucial. Only then can you produce machined parts of impeccable quality.
That said, even though each part manufacturer has its own process, certain steps in a machining project are unavoidable, regardless of the part to be machined.
In this article, discover the main steps of machining.


Why do industrial mechanics and custom machining go hand in hand?

Industrial mechanics and custom machining are two different fields that are closely related for different reasons.
Find out why industrial mechanics are often called upon to work with machinists when repairing machinery.

devenir-machiniste quebec

How to become a machinist in Quebec

Machinists are at the heart of the production, repair or modification of parts and objects that play a vital role in the daily lives of millions of people in Quebec.
Many students who wish to find a job immediately after graduation or workers who wish to redirect their careers are choosing the machinist trade since it is one of the most in-demand occupations in the Quebec manufacturing sector.
Here is more information on the machinist profession in Quebec and how to get a job in the machining field.


5 Reasons to do Business with a Machine Shop in the Greater Montreal Area

If you are an entrepreneur, there may be potential partners you haven’t thought of who could help you achieve your business goals.
Here are 5 reasons why you should do business with a machine shop located in the Greater Montreal area.


Why do business with a machine shop with a CNC boring mill?

While some shops only rely on manual machine tools, others have made the leap to computerized machines such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) boring mills. This type of equipment can manufacture complex parts from a computer program.
Find out why you should do business with a machine shop with a CNC boring mill for your gear and machined part needs.


Helical gears 101: types, manufacturing, advantages and applications

Do you share our interest in mechanics and gears?
Our gear manufacturing specialists will tell you more about one of the most commonly used types of gears: helical gears.


Which industries require regular bevel gear maintenance?

Bevel gears are common in commercial and industrial machines that run for several hours a day at high speeds. Such conditions require regular bevel gear maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime.
In this article, find out which industries require regular bevel gear maintenance.


The History of the Milling Machine: Machining Equipment That Has Come a Long Way

Now used to machine a wide range of metal objects with complex designs, the milling machine has a most interesting history.
Once 100% mechanical, milling machines have since benefited from the technological advances of recent decades and have become more precise, faster and more versatile than ever in cutting metals and alloys.
Discover the history of the milling machine and learn about its evolution over time.