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Why trust a machine shop for industrial machinery maintenance?

Industrial machines are often very expensive for companies. They nevertheless represent a key investment that will ensure the efficient production of products. In order to extend the life of the machines and ensure their proper operation, maintenance and regular cleaning are recommended.


3 innovative finishing processes used in gear manufacturing

Finishing is often the last step in a gear manufacturing process. There are different finishing techniques that make it possible to modify the machined part’s properties, in addition to providing its final look.
In recent years, innovative finishing processes have appeared in the gear-cutting field, offering manufacturers the opportunity to optimize their processes and produce higher performance mechanical parts in a timelier manner.
Discover three of these finishing techniques for machined parts.


3D printing’s impact on the machining sector

If you have been following the latest developments in 3D printing, you may have heard predictions that traditional manufacturing processes will soon be transformed by this revolutionary technology.
For the moment, however, it is unlikely to happen in the next few years. Although 3D printing will quickly become unavoidable in many areas, there is still, at least for now, a place for “traditional” machining in the manufacture of products such as mechanical parts. Discover why.