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Machine shop grinding

Cylindrical grinding and flat surface grinding services.

Machine shop grinding

As we are constantly seeking accuracy and precision at Braidwood Gear, our team in Quebec conducts both the manufacturing of custom gears as well as the very high dimensional and accurate grinding.

Machine shop grinding, what’s that?

Grinding is a machining process that aims to improve the surface of a mechanical part. There are two main techniques: flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. Grinding is the only way to get the desired finish and dimensions of a part within the accuracy of a few thou.

The grinding process consists of removing small chips of material with a wheel or a rotating abrasive disk called a grindstone. The high speed of the grindstone rotation very small layers of material from the machined part.

With our complete and functional machine shop in Quebec, we are able to perform both types of correction: flat surface grinding as well as cylindrical grinding.

Flat surface grinding

Flat grinding surface consists of a horizontal grinding of the part held in place by an electromagnet, or several electromagnets. On numerous and repetitive occasions, layers of material will be removed so as to obtain a precise and smooth surface finish or to obtain the sharpening of circular knives.

In the case of circular knives, the precision upon rotation in lateral displacement is quite essential to obtain optimum cutting edges and to maintain the reliability of you cutting equipment. Using the surface grinding is the best way to obtain perfectly sharp and flats circular knives.

Our team in Quebec is able to meet the different tolerances thresholds of all your parts so as to prevent premature wear of all your equipment and parts.

In addition, the grinding of tools used to cut is carried out to optimize their performance and lifetime. This can also help to meet very specific criteria such as angularity, squareness and flatness to name a few.

Cylindrical grinding

At Braidwood Gear we also offer cylindrical grinding; and as its name suggests, cylindrical grinding grinds cylindrical. Cylindrical grinding is an abrasive machining process performed on a machine using different hydrostatic slides.

By placing cylindrical parts between two centers of rotation on the grinding wheel, you will be able to achieve a high quality finish according to the desired cutting angle. Thanks to this efficient machining equipment, we can perform cylindrical grinding to allow the part or parts to turn on themselves by making its path parallel to the axis of the wheel. The wheel may be adjusted to various angles of cut depending on the expectations of the final appearance of the part.

This machining process can allow our technicians in Quebec to find the right balance between flexibility and productivity. This is the absolutely the perfect technique for performing cylindrical grinding of shafts.


Our technicians carry out both types of machining grinding techniques with undeniable expertise and versatility. Indeed, the diversity of our expertise and experiences allow us to perfectly master all machining solutions to fit you needs, whether for small parts or parts with more substantial dimensions.

Do not wait to make an appointment with us; we will answer all your questions and your needs, whatever your industry may be.

Our reliability is surpassed only by our competitiveness in providing our customers with high quality products.