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What are the advantages of a horizontal boring machine for industrial parts?


Boring is one of the most common machining processes. However, not all types of boring machines can be used to create custom machined parts for the industrial sector. Whether because of the dimensions of the parts or the degree of precision required, some machines are simply not suitable.

The horizontal boring machine is a machine that, due to its unique characteristics, makes it possible to manufacture unique industrial parts. Here are some of the advantages of horizontal boring machines.

The ability to manufacture large format machined parts

Some horizontal boring machines offer an advantage that other machining tools cannot: the ability to produce very large machined parts. This equipment allows the creation of large format parts, especially for sectors like agricultural or industrial mechanics.

The ability to produce a large quantity of machined parts in less time

Horizontal boring machines have a fast cutting speed and can even make several cuts simultaneously, depending on the machine in question. This feature is particularly useful in cases where industries need a large quantity of mechanical parts to be produced and delivered in a short period of time.

Reduction of tool deflection

Deflection, or deviation of a machining process, occurs when a tool encounters a higher resistance than it can easily compensate for. This can result in an incorrect drilling angle when the tool is placed under excessive force. An example that illustrates this situation is when a drill is too far from its anchor point when drilling a hole.

The design of horizontal boring machines ensures that the drilling is always consistent and accurate since this distance is never too great.

Compatibility with CNC machining

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining refers to the technology that allows machining tools to be controlled by computer. Thanks to CNC machining, each movement performed by a lathe, milling machine or grinding machine is performed according to a command entered into a computer by a technician.

Computer-controlled horizontal boring machines therefore reduce the risk of human error and ensure that cuts are always extremely precise.

Boring of industrial parts at Braidwood Industries Ltd.

In conclusion, for all the advantages mentioned above, a horizontal boring machine is practically essential for a machine shop that wants to serve as many different industries as possible.

This is why Braidwood Industries Ltd. has acquired a horizontal boring machine that enables it to meet the needs of even more customers and provide them with the benefit of its expertise in industrial parts machining. Contact us if you need machined parts of any kind.

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