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Why do industrial mechanics and custom machining go hand in hand?


Industrial mechanics and custom machining are two different fields that are closely related for different reasons.

Find out why industrial mechanics are often called upon to work with machinists when repairing machinery.

Some mechanical parts can be repaired rather than replaced with custom machining

When a damaged mechanical part prevents an industrial machine from working properly, the first solution is often to replace the damaged machine with a new one. At least, this is usually the case when the industrial mechanics company responsible for carrying out the repair does not offer a custom machining service.

A broken mechanical part can be modified or repaired rather than replaced using precision machining technologies. Given the high price of some new parts, this can reduce the cost of an industrial mechanical intervention.

A machine shop can provide replacement parts to industrial mechanics

The damaged mechanical part causing machinery failure can sometimes be repaired. In this case, an industrial mechanics company that also manufactures mechanical parts can produce a replacement part with custom machining.

Reverse engineering makes it possible to reproduce almost any mechanical part, even those that are no longer available on the market. This advanced technique can produce parts as efficient and durable as the original ones, sometimes for a much lower price. Not to mention the possibility of extending the life of older equipment.

Collaboration between industrial mechanics and machinists reduces repair times

As businesses that rely on heavy and industrial machinery are well aware, equipment failure can have significant financial repercussions if it stops their ongoing operations. For example, a single broken gear can shut down a company’s operations until the repair is done.

Unfortunately, industrial mechanics companies with no machining experience depend heavily on their parts suppliers. There can be significant delays if the parts they need to repair a machine are out of stock or have to be shipped from a remote area, causing production delays.

On the other hand, a company that offers both industrial mechanics services and custom machining services can quickly repair or reproduce the part that caused the problem so that production can resume as quickly as possible.

Braidwood Gear: the perfect union between industrial mechanics and custom machining

In short, there is no denying that industrial mechanics and custom machining are two closely related fields. Mechanics often need parts that only machinists can provide them with quickly when repairing machinery.

If you are looking for a company whose services include both industrial mechanics and precision machining, contact Braidwood Gear.

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