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Industrial mechanics and gearbox repair

Machining specialist for the maintenance and repair of industrial gearboxes, compressors and other industrial equipment.

Industrial mechanics and gearbox repair

Braidwood Gear is the industrial machining specialist for the maintenance and repair of industrial gearboxes, compressors and other industrial equipment. For all types of repairs, maintenance or maintenance parts, we’ve got a solution for all of our customer’s problems.

Industrial mechanics in our machine shop

Our team is specialized in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of industrial gearboxes and related industrial equipment of all brands and manufacturers. Our qualified technicians are able to repair gearboxes that are obsolete or at the end of their life cycle. No parts or machinery are too complex for our specialists at Braidwood Gear to repair. Our service is fast, efficient and available for all customers located in Eastern Canada and the United States.

Our strength: Our versatility

Our team of experienced technicians conduct corrective and preventive maintenance on industrial mechanics equipment. Indeed, we can recreate any part of a gearbox even when the original manufacturer no longer exists, when the production of a model has ceased or when the blueprints no longer exist. We are also able to reproduce some parts that have ceased to be manufactured. Our machine shop can also produce custom prototypes to improve the power of your machinery.

The Braidwood Gear team offers the solution to your specialized parts problems. When you are looking to have a part delivery within a few weeks, turn to Braidwood Gear. Our technicians perform the work quickly and efficiently so you can continue with your business activities as quickly as possible.

Braidwood Gear: a fast and affordable solution for machining and industrial mechanics

Repairing your industrial gearboxes can help you achieve savings of up to 70%. In addition to this, you are able to reduce your waiting time and to put your production and backup equipment back on track as soon as possible. The risks of stopping production and incurring financial losses are reduced to a minimum when you contact BM Industrial Mechanics/Braidwood Gear.

In partnership with your internal maintenance service, we can submit changes and improvements to maintain your equipment. BM Industrial Mechanics/Braidwood Gear also offers solutions to improve the layout of your equipment in order to improve the service life and reduce maintenance costs.

Our strength: our team

Our machine shop team is always ready to face different challenges. We repair and maintain all industrial equipment such as conveyors, drilling equipment, compressors, construction equipment and other forms of equipment.

For the technicians at BM Industrial Mechanics/Braidwood Gear, the working in tandem with our customers is the key to success. Trust our team that attends to your needs and that always communicates detailed plans of work required for your business. Our team can always find the customized solution to your industrial gearbox problems.

Trust Braidwood Gear

For industrial mechanic’s work done by professionals who have experience in various fields and who have completed many simple to more complexes projects since 2000. Whether you are in Eastern Canada or the United States, ask for information or submit a request to receive excellent industrial mechanic or gear manufacturing services.

For any request of information or a quote for precision machining, contact our qualified technicians at Braidwood Gear by phone or email.

Our reliability is surpassed only by our competitiveness in providing our customers with high quality products.