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Which industries require regular bevel gear maintenance?


Although bevel gears and straight tooth gears may look similar, their functions differ.

Straight and helical bevel gears create a constant motion of gears, which cross each other at different angles. State-of-the-art machine shops can therefore manufacture them for any type of angle, depending on the equipment for which they are intended.

These types of gears are common in commercial and industrial machines that run for several hours a day at high speeds. Such conditions require regular bevel gear maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime.

In this article, find out which industries require regular bevel gear maintenance.

The food processing industry: several types of equipment rely on bevel gears

Conveyors, presses and many other automated machines used in food canning and packaging plants rely heavily on bevel gears.

This industry requires accurate estimates of the level of wear of machines and their gears, as it depends on the daily operation of machines at constant speeds. Unpredictable breakdowns due to mechanical parts can lead to logistical nightmares and the complete shutdown of a production line. This industry therefore needs preventive and industrial mechanics maintenance programs.

The construction industry: various vehicles and tools depend on their bevel gears

The slightest error in torque and load transfer or a simple defective or worn gear can threaten any construction project or cause major delays.

For this reason, vehicles and other work equipment used in the construction sector benefit from regular bevel gear maintenance. Several companies in this industry work closely with sprocket and custom gear manufacturers to ensure that spare parts are available. This also reduces the risk of accidents and errors in their projects.

The machining industry: maintenance of gears for greater precision

Custom gear cutting shops also require bevel gears since these are used in welding and laser cutting equipment, as well as the internal mechanisms of saws and other cutting tools. In these cases, worn gears can be disastrous for quality and precision standards, which is why the constant availability of spare parts and the maintenance of gears in use is important.

Implement a maintenance strategy for your bevel gears today

In conclusion, companies in the industries above that neglect the maintenance of their bevel gears risk facing problems that are much more costly to solve than the cost of maintenance.

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