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Where can I have a custom-made non-standard part machined in Quebec?


When a large piece of equipment breaks down, replacing it is not always the best solution. Replacing a few parts is often all that is needed to get the equipment back up and running.

However, some large mechanical parts can be difficult to find on the market. This is why it may be worth having them machined by professionals.

In this article, find out where to have a custom non-standard part machined in Quebec.

In a machine shop with the necessary tools and equipment

Making mechanical parts is one thing, but it’s a very different matter when the parts are large. This is why it is important to entrust it to a machine shop that has the necessary equipment and tools.

Whether you need to have large parts manufactured, repaired or reconditioned, you will want to choose a partner who can count on a complete range of industrial tooling, enabling you to carry out various manipulations (turning, milling, cylindrical and surface grinding). Their machine tools must also be able to cut most of the materials used in machining.

Naturally, it also needs to be equipped to handle parts with a large surface area.

In a workshop that has mastered reverse engineering

If you want to replace a worn or defective oversized part, you will benefit from dealing with professionals who have mastered reverse engineering. Reverse engineering makes it possible to reproduce an existing mechanical part, regardless of its condition.

Since some companies depend on equipment that no longer has spare parts produced by the manufacturer, this is an excellent way to ensure the most cost-effective lifespan. This is especially true for industrial transmissions.

Choose a nearby manufacturer of oversized parts

One of the issues often associated with non-standard parts is the complexity of shipping them. For this reason, it is generally better to limit the distances for transporting oversized parts. This will reduce the risk of the part being damaged along the way, as well as the amount to be paid to the carrier.

The best way to do this is to hire a machine shop that is located within a short distance from you.

For machining non-standard parts, you can trust Braidwood Industries Ltd.

In conclusion, the company you choose to machine oversized parts should be able to guarantee that they will meet the required specifications, no matter how small, even on very large components.

At Braidwood Industries Ltd. in Terrebonne, the power of our tooling combined with the skill and ability of our team enables us to machine parts up to 112 centimetres (44 inches) in diameter and up to 5 metres (196 inches) in length. You can therefore count on us for all your non-standard parts needs.

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