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Precision machining

At Braidwood Gear, we specialize in custom parts manufacturing and small productions of less than 25 parts.

Our precision machining company

Braidwood Gear is a precision machining company that specializes in the manufacturing of custom parts. Our creativity and logic-based problem-solving techniques make us your ideal business partner to help solve all your needs for machining parts.

The power and flexibility of our machining equipment

Our fully-equipped machine shop allows us to offer services in prototyping, milling, slotting (key cutting), cylindrical and surface grinding. Every time, our instruments and our high-quality industrial tools enable us to produce exceptional quality parts for a precision machining service.

The power of our tools combined with our skill and ability of our team allows us to machine parts up to a diameter of 112 centimeters (44 inches) and a length of 5 meters (196 inches).

We specialize in machining custom parts and small production of less than 25 parts. Using reverse engineering we can reproduce any existing part no matter the current condition. We can also modify, repair or rebuild your existing parts and put them back in their original state.

Save big with Braidwood Gear precision machining

With precision machining from Braidwood Industries Ltd., you can save big by choosing to repair machinery instead of costly replacements.

Benefit from your industrial machines for many years to come by replacing the old and obsolete parts with brand-new ones tailor-made in our precision machining workshop.

Machining expertise for your industrial prototyping

Our machining department also allows us to carry out production of specialized gears as well as our industrial mechanical operations and grinding. Do you have productivity improvement projects in mind? Do not hesitate to call on our team to prototype some parts and offer solutions that will improve the efficiency of your industrial equipment.

Use our services wherever you are

Whether you are in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes or on the East Coast of the United States, Braidwood Gear services are available for a number of diverse industries such as shipbuilding industries, mining, motorsports, pulp and paper, copper processing, food markets, printing, construction, agricultural enterprises, etc.

Your machinery and your industrial tools can be handled by experts from the Braidwood Gear team.

The quality guarantee of our machine shop

When you do business with Braidwood Gear, you’ll receive several benefits. First, we are a small dedicated team. We can rapidly work on your projects. Looking to replace a part that would take weeks to be delivered by the original manufacturer? We recreate the necessary parts to the very millimeter in half the time so that you can resume production.

The machining of industrial parts should be entrusted to expert hands, like those of Braidwood Gear. Trust our team for precision work carried out in the shortest possible time.

For any inquiries or a quote for precision machining, contact Braidwood Industries Ltd. by phone or email.

Braidwood Industries Ltd. stands out from its competitors with our attention to detail, the variety of solutions we offer and our consistently flawless work.