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Some of the measuring tools necessary for the machining of mechanical parts


The machining of mechanical parts requires the use of several machines, whether to manufacture or modify parts. Whether cutting or drilling, every step of a machining process requires a degree of precision that can only be achieved with specific specialized tools.

Learn about some of the measuring tools that are essential to the machining of mechanical parts.

The micrometer: an essential tool for precision machining

The micrometer is undoubtedly one of the only length measuring tools that is sufficiently accurate for machining mechanical parts. As its name indicates, its resolution is in the micrometer range. There are two distinct configurations of this device: one for taking internal dimensions and one for external measurements.

The micrometer is usually sold in pairs or sets with several rods for measuring. This additional feature therefore increases its accuracy range.

The caliper and the multiple measurements it provides to the machinist

The caliper is a device used to measure the distance between two opposing sides of an object. It consists of a ruled scale with a flat surface corresponding to the reference point 0, and a slider which also has a flat surface, positioned in opposition to the reference area.

On some calipers, spouts for internal measurements are also added. If depth measurements are required, these can be provided by a gauge extending the slider, running along the back of the main ruler.

Dimensional readings can be done using a vernier or needle dial in the case of analog callipers. However, digital versions of the instrument are equipped with an LCD screen, which makes it easier to read the results.

The limit gauge

Although limit gauges are not measuring instruments in the same way that micrometers or calipers are, they are still necessary in a machine shop.

They are made up of cylindrical parts with extremely precise diameters, which are used to confirm that the measurements required for the machined mechanical part to function were respected. Their main asset is that they are very simple and quick to use as they operate using the “go” and “no go,” or “pass” and “fail” principles. Limit gauges are therefore very useful in the production process.

Braidwood Industries Ltd.: leaders in the machining of mechanical parts

It’s quite obvious that frequent measurements with precise instruments are essential for the manufacturing of functional mechanical parts. This is why you will likely find the three aforementioned measuring tools in all machine shops.

In fact, Braidwood Industries Ltd., located in Terrebonne and specialized in gear cutting, regularly uses these tools to manufacture parts with perfect dimensions. Do not hesitate to contact our qualified team for all of your machining or mechanical part grinding needs.

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