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Although we specialize in the manufacturing of complex gears.

Our machine shop precision parts and products

In our machine shop in Quebec, cutting custom gears is our passion and our specialty. We offer complete machining solutions, industrial mechanics, gears manufacturing and various other precision parts manufacturing services. Indeed, we are able to manufacture and repair many products due to the efficiency of our machine shop in Quebec.

What kind of parts do you work on?

Thanks to the quality and efficiency of our workshop in Quebec, we are both specialized in manufacturing complex custom gears, as well as in the manufacturing of all types of parts. We carry out machining at any level of difficulty.

We offer gears to companies from various fields such as mining, marine industry, construction, foundation, and agriculture among many other types of companies.

Our abilities allow us to produce very small parts and even those of relatively large dimensions. We can work on parts with a diameter of up to 112 centimeters (44pouces) and a length of up to 5 meters (196 inches).

What type of gear do we work on in our machine shop in Quebec?

We manufacture and repair with precision spur gears, bevel gears and helical gears. The expertise of our machine shop in Quebec allows us to work on all these types of gears. Among the helical and bevel gears, we work on spur gears (the simplest type), and the herringbone gears. These last ones impound negative effects of an helical teeth while maintaining their positive points.

What are the different gearboxes managed by your machine shop?

Gearboxes are used in almost all industrial processes. We work on all industrial gearboxes and the maintenance of them, from complicated ones to more simpler ones.

We repair and service most brands of gearboxes such as SEW-Eurodrive, Radicon, Flender / Siemens, Hansen Industrial gearboxes (Sumitomo Drive Technologies), Bonfiglioli, Amarillo Gear Company, David Brown Gear System gearboxes and many, many other types of industrial gearboxes.

In our machine shop in Quebec, we are committed to making necessary repairs with precision, to ensure perfect alignment and rapid detection of signs of abnormal wear and tear. A lack of repair of this type leads various problems, which can incur your company losses.

Gearbox repairs are essential because they allow you to achieve savings of upwards of 70%. A quick repair can prevent a delay or discontinuation in your production chain, which can be extremely costly for your company. This delay can make you lose much of your productivity and therefore make you lose a lot of money.

Gear manufacturing

Cutting custom gears is our passion and our specialty. For several years we have been able to manufacture complex and varied gears for many different companies in the field of mining, naval, printing, pulp and paper, copper processing, construction, agriculture, motorsport and so on.


Our complete machine shop allows us to offer turning, milling, slotting (keyway cutting), cylindrical and surface grinding services. Our capabilities allow us to machine parts up to a diameter of 112 centimeters (44 inches) and a length of 5 meters (196 inches).

Industrial mechanics

We specialize in maintenance, repair and refurbishment of industrial gearboxes and related equipment of all brands and origins. Our qualified technicians are able to put back to specification gearboxesthat are obsolete or at the end of their life cycle.


Grinding is a machining process that aims to improve the state of the surface of a mechanical part. There are two main techniques: flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding.


As a precision parts manufacturer and thanks to our efficient and very well equiped machine shop in Quebec, we offer quality and complete services. We have the solutions you need for machining, industrial mechanics maintenance and repair and gear manufacturing. We pay special attention to details.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of gears on versatile and effective measure you can trust Braidwood Gear!

Our reliability is surpassed only by our competitiveness in providing our customers with high quality products.