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Custom gear manufacture

The cutting of custom gears is our specialty and our well-known reputation.

Custom gear manufacture

Braidwood Gear is a manufacturer of custom gears since 2000. The company is based in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, near Montreal, in the province of Quebec (Canada).

As a gear manufacturer, the cutting of custom gears is our specialty and our well-known reputation. Our work in custom products to fix our customer’s problem has made us develop our efficiency in several different projects. Our experience is diversified; it allows us to face any situation and solve all challenges that are handed to us by offering precision machining services.

A specialist in manufacturing custom gears for all industries

For several years our qualified technicians have been able to manufacture complex and varied gears for various companies in the field of mining, naval industry, printing, pulp and paper, copper processing, construction, agriculture, motorsports and more.

Our field of experience is wide and allows us to be quite versatile for all types of industries. The team at Braidwood Gear can perfectly tackle any customized gear projects!

Our specialties

We can make gears in all types of material such as bronze, various steel alloys, Nylatron, Delrin, cast iron and many other type of material. Each time, we advise our clients on the raw materials that are the most suitable to ensure durability, strength and sturdiness of their parts. Only the best quality materials are selected by our team of specialists. Braidwood Gear is able to provide its customers with the following custom gears:

Spur gears
Helical gears
Worm gears
Straight Bevel gears
Spiral bevel gears
Planetary gears
Timing belts
Various pulleys
Internal spline shafts
External spline shafts
And many more…

Even if you no longer have the technical data of your defective gear or if the gear is no longer manufactured by the original manufacturer, Braidwood Gear is the manufacturer of gears and industrial parts to look for in when searching to repair parts that are no longer available (NLA).

Thanks to our extensive experience acquired since 2000, we can identify and reproduce gears according to the standards recognized in the industry (AGMA and DIN). Anything that comes out of the Braidwood Gear workshop is inspected in great detail and designed with the utmost care by our technicians.

The Braidwood Gear advantage

Our experienced team combined with our advanced equipment make our company your ally when looking for services in the field of industrial mechanics, machining and manufacturing custom gears.

With the rapid and comprehensive solution offered by Braidwood Gear, you can find the opportunity to extend the life of your equipment and reduce delivery wait time, for common or not so common parts. You can save big by opting for the manufacturing of custom gears and our industrial mechanics services. In addition to this, you can take up production more quickly, reducing the downtime of your machinery.

Custom gears require expertise and experience to produce perfect results every single time. Our skilled technicians at Braidwood Gear will meet all your expectations regardless of your company’s industry.

For an online quote or inquiries about one of our machining services, contact our team by email or phone.

Our reliability is surpassed only by our competitiveness in providing our customers with high quality products.