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Why do business with a machine shop with a CNC boring mill?


Machine shops require a large array of tools used to shape various materials in order to manufacture all kinds of parts.

While some shops only rely on manual machine tools, others have made the leap to computerized machines such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) boring mills. This type of equipment can manufacture complex parts from a computer program.

Find out why you should do business with a machine shop with a CNC boring mill for your gear and machined part needs.

A CNC boring mill manufactures complex machined parts with exact dimensions

When used in conjunction with advanced design software, CNC machines produce results that cannot be achieved with manual machines.

Even the best machinists cannot do with conventional machines what advanced software can do with CNC machines. These machines can manufacture custom machined parts of any size, shape or texture.

Once the design parameters and workpiece features have been entered into the CNC machine, it automatically performs the necessary cutting maneuvers to produce the part. The CNC’s digital modelling and autonomous machining eliminates human error and achieves 1/1000th accuracy.

CNC boring mills make the mass production of parts easier

When you choose a shop equipped with a CNC machine to produce multiple copies of the same part, you know that they will be 100% identical. Even the most talented engineers on a conventional machine will produce components that vary slightly. With CNC machines, each part will match the exact dimensions of the prototype.

Once a design has been uploaded into the CNC mill software, the program can easily use it to recreate the part as many times as you need. The master file ensures that the CNC machining process produces a perfect match every time regardless of external factors, such as changes in the machine operator.

Machine shops with CNC boring mills can manufacture your parts quicker

CNC boring mills can operate 24/7, including holidays. They only stop for maintenance or necessary repairs.

In addition, almost any qualified operator can operate several stand-alone CNC machines once they are programmed, whereas a manual machine requires at least one qualified operator per machine. Once the production process of a part is started, automation finishes the product in less time than with a traditional cutting tool.

You can be sure that custom gears or other machined parts that you need quickly will be produced faster if you choose a machine shop with a CNC boring mill for their manufacturing.

Braidwood Industries Ltd: a machine shop equipped with a CNC boring mill

In conclusion, a machine shop equipped with a CNC boring mill can produce multiple copies of a superior quality machined part in a short amount of time.  This should convince you to have your machined parts manufactured by a shop that has this tool.

If you are looking for a machine shop to manufacture different components and gears using a CNC boring machine in Quebec, contact Braidwood Industries Ltd. No matter your needs, you will be satisfied with your machined parts.

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