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Why doing business with a custom mechanical part manufacturer is cost-efficient


Replacement mechanical parts can often significantly reduce a company’s profits as these parts can be very expensive, especially in the case of industrial equipment.

However, companies also have the option of dealing with a custom mechanical parts manufacturer to reduce their bill in the event of equipment breakdowns. Find out why this decision often results in significant savings.

Repairing mechanical parts instead of replacing them

When a mechanical part gets damaged or breaks, the solution is often to change it for a new one. Alternatively, having the part repaired could also be a worthwhile solution to consider.

Precision machining makes it possible to modify or rebuild a component of any machine to get it back up and running. Most of the time, this results in significant savings considering the high cost of some original machined mechanical components.

Purchasing high quality machined mechanical parts at a lower cost

Repairing a part can sometimes be impossible for numerous reasons. Should this be the case, purchasing replacement parts from a custom mechanical parts manufacturer may save you some money without sacrificing quality.

In fact, some machine shops use reverse engineering combined with sophisticated industrial tools to reproduce existing parts regardless of the condition they are in. This often results in parts that are as efficient and durable as the original ones, sometimes for a fraction of the price.

Reducing production time in case of mechanical damage

Beyond the expense of repairing or replacing defective mechanical parts, an equipment breakdown can also have costly repercussions if it forces a company to stop operations.

Something as simple as a broken gear can sometimes affect an entire production line. This can cause significant delays if the part has to be shipped by the manufacturer, especially if they are located outside the country.

On the other hand, a manufacturer of custom mechanical parts may be able to prioritize your request to repair or reproduce the part needed. This would allow production to resume as quickly as possible.

Extending the lifespan of your industrial equipment

Owners of industrial equipment will often do everything they can to extend the operational life of this equipment due to its high purchase price. This allows for a return on investment.

Unfortunately, as the years go by, some manufacturers discontinue replacement parts for models they no longer sell, making it impossible to obtain them when a mechanical breakdown occurs.

In these cases, a machine shop would allow for the lifespan of this equipment to be extended by perfectly reproducing the discontinued piece.

Finding a custom mechanical part manufacturer

In light of the above information, doing business with a machine shop can undeniably increase a company’s profitability.

If you are looking for a machining company that will help you save money by providing you with quality parts in a short period of time, contact Braidwood Industries Ltd. to find out how we can bring our expertise to your business.


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